Fred was the driver of the red harvest truck in this staged accident that took place in 1996.
Collision Reconstruction & Analysis

Vehicle Collision Reconstruction or Accident Reconstruction, is the process of investigating and determing how and accident took place. Primary objectives are to analyze identify and collect roadway evidence like gouges, tire marks, and debris.

Fred Rice has 30 years of Law Enforcement and 26 years of Collision Reconstruction experience where he has investigated over 4000 car collisions, more than 800 commercial vehicle collisions, pedestrian, motorcycle, atv, bicycle, murder by vehicles, and train & vehicle collisions. He has also staged vehicle collisions and personally participated in staged collisions. These have included minor accidents, major property damage, injuries and fatalities, and murder. He is a Master Certified Instructor of Accident Investigation, and a Master Certified Instructor of Accident Reconstruction.

Fred Rice has provided over 1000 hours of testimony on seat belts, skid marks, air bags, time and distance, road geometrics, construction zone safety, point of no escape and reaction point, tractor trailer underride and tipover, anti-lock brakes, lighting conditions, weather, lamp examination, collision data recorders, truck braking performance and testing.

Using new and traditional accident reconstruction techniques, methods, and physics, Fred Rice will develop an expert opinion based on evidence, interviews, vehicle autopsies, injury patterns, and speed calculations. Fred can provide unbiased expert testimony in court of law, allowing Judges and Jurys to see what really took place.